In short:

#CharityGames is an application, the heart of which there is a game selected by the user from a few simple, classic games. In addition to the game screen, in the course of its duration, a discreet advertising is displayed. For every minute of the game, the advertiser transfers micropayments for the charity specified by the user. One can invite friends to join the game and create support groups for their own purposes. One sees how much money has been gathered, by him/her alone or by his friends, for what purpose, etc. The application will be available on smartphones, and one will also be able to play via the browser.


NGO Organisation  have limited options in raising funds from individuals and are highly depended on public money. At the same time they rarely take advantage of new information technologies in raising those funds. 

On the other hand there are supporters of such organisations who are eager to help but are often unavailable due to lack of time. They usually have only a quarter o two a day to help the organisation which makes it difficult to spare this time constructively.

#CharityGames are a ready made platform aimed at NGOs. We use the newest information technologies which do not require any know-how or funds from NGOs. We also provide a specific tool to support particular organisation regardless the amount of time we have. At the same time we guarantee fun and draw children’s attention away from various potential risks around them.

The user helps by playing games. NGOs get a new way of raising funds. Finally children themselves get a tool which engages them in voluntary activity. The advertiser receives a channel to reach the user who wants to view ads. Everybody gets some profit. It is a win-win-win situation.


We would like to remain a non-profit organisation and only limit our incomings to a very small provision from the advertisers and users. NGOs take part in the project for free and any provision is paid to us only when the funds are withdrawn. The advertisers pay an entrance fee in the project. We estimate that the sum needed to maintenance and development the project can be collected from about 3-5% provision from foundations and 5-10% from advertisers.

Support us:

At the moment, we are testing User Experience of web app.
We are looking for a grant / investor that will cover the costs of implementing the application.